3 Лучший водитель

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The Best Driver

The company was looking for a driver. Three candidates left in the final list. A manager asked them the same, “How near can you drive to the edge without going over?”

The first one answered, “for an inch”, the second one, “for half an inch”, and the third one, “I have never done so, and don’t want to”.

“You are the man we need,” the manager said.

Лучший водитель

Компания искала водителя. В финальном списке остались три кандидата. Менеджер задал им один и тот же вопрос:

— Как близко Вы можете подъехать к краю, чтобы не перевернуться?

Первый ответил: «На дюйм». Второй: «На полдюйма». А третий сказал:

— Я никогда не пробовал и не хочу.

— Вы тот человек, который нам нужен, — сказал менеджер.

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The best driver

One of the largest construction companies in the States wanted a truck driver and advertised for one in the national newspapers. A week later ten candidates applied for the job. They all brought excellent references from their former employers and were invited to the first interview. Not all the applicants were successful and after the first in­terview there were only three candidates on the final shortlist.

The Personnel Manager asked the first man:

«How near can you drive to the edge of a preci­pice (обрыв) without going over?»

The driver said, «Within an inch.»

«Very well,» said the manager, «you can go now and I’ll let you know about the chances to get the job.»

The second man answering the same question said, «I can drive within half an inch of the edge, in fact I have done it more than once.»

When the third man came, the manager said: «Well, my man, and how near can you drive to the edge of a precipice without going over?»

«Indeed, sir, I have never tried and I don’t want to.»

«Ah,» said the manager, «You are just the sort of man we need».

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