2 Сила воображения

The Power of Imagination

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   Mr. Brown came to a small country hotel. At the same time another traveler came. They asked if there were any vacant rooms. The only vacant room was a double one. The travelers had to agree. In the night Mr. Brown heard a noise. His neighbor was not well, he asked Mr. Brown to open the window. Mr. Brown didn’t see anything in the dark. At last he found the window. He pulled it, but couldn’t open. The voice of the other traveler became weaker and weaker. Then Mr. Brown took a chair and broke the pane. The other traveler got better.

   When the both travelers woke up the morning a large mirror in the room was broken to pieces.

Сила воображения

  Мистер Браун приехал в небольшую сельскую гостиницу. Одновременно с ним прибыл другой путешественник. Они спросили, есть ли свободные комнаты. Единственный свободный номер был на двоих. Путешественникам пришлось согласиться.

  Ночью мистер Браун услышал какой-то шум. Его соседу было нехорошо, он попросил мистера Брауна открыть окно. Мистер Браун ничего не видел в темноте. Наконец он нашёл окно. Он потянул его, но не смог открыть. Голос второго путешественника становился слабее и слабее. Тогда мистер Браун взял стул и разбил стекло. Другому путешественнику стало лучше.

 Когда утром оба путешественника проснулись, большое зеркало в комнате было разбито на куски.

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The Power of Imagination

Mr. Brown liked it in America, but he liked traveling very much. He made trips to Europe and Asia, and he visited India too. Once after a long trip from England to America he arrived at a small country place. There was a small hotel there. Mr. Brown got to the hotel late in the evening. At the hotel he asked the receptionist whether there were any vacant rooms there.

At that moment another traveler came to the hotel and asked for a room too. The receptionist checked if there were any vacant rooms. The only vacant room he could offer was a double room.

“Will it be convenient to you if you share the room?” the receptionist asked. “It’ll be less expensive for you, you’ll each pay half.”

At first they didn’t like the idea, but just then it began raining heavily, they were too tired to go to another hotel and agreed to spend the night in the same room. A porter showed them to their room, took in their things and wished them food night. Soon the two men went to sleep. Suddenly Mr. Brown heard some noise. He opened his eyes but didn’t see anything. It was quite dark.

“What’s the matter? ” Mr. Brown asked in surprise. The second traveler answered, “I am very sorry, I had to wake you up. I’m not well. Please, open the window quickly.”

Mr. Brown got out of bed and began looking for matches, but he couldn’t find them in the dark, so he tried to find the window. It had taken him some time until he found it. He pulled the window, but couldn’t open it. As the voice of the traveler became weaker and weaker, Mr. Brown took a chair and broke the pane. The man breathed in deeply and after a moment of silence he told, “Thank you, I am much better”. Then the two of them slept until morning.

When they woke up the next morning a large mirror in the room was broken to pieces.

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