1 Последний кандидат

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The last candidate

The exams at the drama school were almost over. The examining actors were very tired. The last candidate appeared on the stage. The actors wanted him to finish his performance quicker. The young man wasn’t talented. The Rector stopped his acting:

— An actor must act. To act is to turn into another person on the stage, but you can’t do it.

The next day an elderly woman came to the Rector. She was wearing a hat and glasses. She told about her son. He prepared a lot for exams and she helped him. The Rector began again: “An actor must act, to turn into another person.” He didn’t stop speaking. The “old lady” took off her hat and glasses. The Rector remembered the young man’s face.

Последний кандидат

Экзамены в театральный институт были почти закончены. Aктёры, принимавшие экзамены, очень устали. На сцене появился последний кандидат. Актёры хотели, чтобы он быстрее завершил своё выступление. У молодого человека не было таланта. Ректор остановил его игру:

– Актёр должен играть, превращаться в другого человека на сцене, но Вы не умеете это делать.

            На следующий день к ректору пришла пожилая дама в шляпе и очках. Она рассказала о своём сыне. Он много готовился к экзаменам, и она ему помогала. Ректор снова начал: «Актёр должен играть, превращаться в другого человека». Он не закончил говорить. «Старая леди» сняла очки и шляпу. Ректор вспомнил лицо молодого человека.

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The last candidate

The entrance examinations at one of the drama schools were almost over. Many entrants had already given their performances. The famous actors who were examining them were already so tired that it was not easy to impress them. Therefore when they saw the last candidate appear on the stage they only wanted him to finish his performance as quickly as possible.

Indeed the young man’s acting made a poor expression on the teachers. It was clear he wasn’t talented. His face couldn’t attract the audience. Only his smile was pleasant and remained in memory. The Rector of the school stopped the young man who was still performing something. The entrant understood everything at once. “I   haven’t   passed my exam, haven’t I?” he asked. “I’m sorry to say not,” answered the Rector. “Your see, it isn’t enough to know a few poems and entertaining songs. An actor must act. To act is to turn into another person on the stage, but I’m afraid you can’t do it.” On his way home that evening the Rector remembered how the boy was criticized for his performance and felt sorry for him. But he always told them the truth.

The next day when the Rector was about to finish work he saw a late visitor come into his office. The stranger was an elderly woman who was wearing an old hat and very thick glasses. Her face looked concerned. She said she wanted to talk to the Director about her son. The old lady went on telling how much her son prepared for his exam and how she helped him. The case was difficult but still the Rector wanted the woman to hear the truth about her son. As soon as she stopped he began: “You see, an actor must act. To be an actor is to turn into another person!” He hadn’t finished his sentence. The “old lady” took of her hat and the glasses and smiled. It took the Rector a minute to remember where he had seen the young man’s face.

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